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Balloon Hovercraft: An Exciting Science Project For Kids



   balloon hovercraft   


Materials Needed for the Balloon Hovercraft Science Project for Kids

The balloon hovercraft is an exciting project for kids looking to defy gravity! Using a balloon, CD, and pop-top cap, kids can create their very own hovercraft that skims across the surface.  




  • Balloon
  • Disk
  • Pop-top cap
  • Hot-glue gun


Materials for balloon hovercraft



When it comes to collecting the materials, be sure to use a disk that you dont need anymore (there will be a lot of fingerprints and scratches). The pop-top cap can be used from any water bottle or dish soap- just rinse and dry thoroughly before using.

     Note: The hot glue gun can be dangerous! Young kids should get help from an adult to prevent any burns.



3 simple steps are all it takes to complete your very own balloon hovercraft!

Making a hovercraft is easier than you think! This device works by pushing air underneath the disk to create a cushion of air to move around on. By opening the pop-top cap, the balloon acts as a gas chamber and releases its air through the cap. This in return will allow the balloon to glide around on a thin layer of air. 



Step 1:

Glue the pop-top cap onto the center of the disk. Be sure it is glued on securely to create an effective seal, then push down on the cap down so it’s closed.


Gluing pop-top cap on disk   picture of cap glued to disk



Step 2:

Blow up your balloon and pinch it so no air escapes. Then place balloon on cap.

        TIP: This might be a two-person job. It helps to twist the balloon, place the balloon on the cap, and then untwist the balloon once placed.

        TIP: To avoid the balloon dragging, pull down on the “neck” of the balloon to bring it closer the cap


picture of placing balloon on cap   



Step 3: 

Pull up on the cap to release air from the balloon, and hovercraft will begin to move!



That's all it takes to make your very own balloon hovercraft!

Be sure to experiment with different variables such as the size of the balloon and the type of surface to see how your hovercraft reacts! The hovercraft balloon is an easy project that can be done with older kids. We suggest that children have the strength to put the balloon on themselves and of course be able to handle the HOT glue gun. 



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